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Mx. Indiana Leather & Mr. Indiana Leather !


October 18 – 20, 2019 marks the date of the

Mx. Indiana Leather & Mr. Indiana Leather 2020 contest!


Friday Night: Dance Party!
Bring your fetish gear that glows, and prepare for a weekend of fun in Indiana!

Saturday Day: Kink-U by Titans of the Midwest

Saturday Night: Mx. Indiana Leather & Mr. Indiana Leather 2020 Contest

Visit the contest information page for more details

2017 marked a historical year since the Mr. Indiana Leather Contest was last held in the state of Indiana.  We were very excited for INLW 2020 and to have Greg’s Indianapolis host the contest.  Please see the Mx. Indiana Leather & Mr. Indiana Leather Contest links located in the menu for more information.

Indiana has a long history in the leather/kink community!  Organizations throughout Indiana come together every year to represent our community in Indy Pride’s Pride Parade in Indianapolis, IN.  Indiana Leather encompasses leather men and women that identify all across the spectrum from the LGBTQ community to our pansexual/heterosexual brothers and sisters.  We believe in RESPECT for all people and advocate for equality for all people!

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