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Karen Ultra
MIL 2017 Emcee

The illegitimate love child of Oscar Wilde and Dorothy Parker, Karen Ultra is no stranger to the competition stage. She’s gone from being first runner up Ms. World Leather 2004 and Mr and Ms Global Leather ( and Bootblack) 2004 to being the Master of Ceremonies for American Brotherhood Weekend, International Master/slave 2012 and 2013 , Great Plains Olympus 2010, and International Mr. Leather 2010 and SouthEast Leatherfest  to name a few. Her customary sharp, glittering wit and attire secured her an invitation back to the IML stage in 2012. Recently freed of a great deal of baggage, she is currently holding auditions to find someone to carry her luggage.  She is a founding member of NLA-I Philadelphia, an Associate Member of The Men of Onyx as well as a member of Mama’s Family and the “Middle Aged Guard (thanks to Laura Antoniou). She was honored to be a part of the illustrious contestant wrangler crew at IML. She was also Judge’s Coordinator, and Tally Master. She has two glass rocks ( Pantheon Awards).  She has judged at Great Plains Olympus, Mr. Cleveland Leather, OLA, and SouthEast Leatherfest, ICBB 06, Southwest Bootblack 07 and Mr. Missouri Leather 07. She was head Judge for Mr. Midwest Leather 2010 and judged MLT in Toronto. Actually, she’s judgemental all the time.
She heads a Leather Family founded on the traditions of Honor and Service; Responsibility and Duty.



Part of the 2016 IML Class #38 “38 Specials | Air Force Veteran | Leatherman.  David is from Louisville, Kentucky and has been active with the Bluegrass Classic Gay Bowling League and tournament since 2002.  Advocate for local charities and educational  groups that include House of Ruth, Louisville Team Friendly, Volunteers of America, Louisville Youth Group and Louisville Aids Walk. Member of the Kentucky Leather Brotherhood and proud supporter of Kentucky Burboun Bears & Derby City Bears.


Pup Flair is a current resident of Indianapolis who is an active member of IndyPAH. He began his journey into leather in 2014 and has since explored and enjoyed a variety of kinks such as; ash eating, electro play, bondage, spankings, biting. Being tossed into the community through a fellow co worker, Sir Jai, he quickly fell in love with the people. Grooming through local events, Flair quickly found him self traveling the Mid-West area. Flair enjoys selling jello shots, volunteering, and fundraising during events he also enjoys education and socializing. When not volunteering Flair can be found enjoying his juice and being a needy pup begging for scritches!


Seth is one of those puppies that has always had an affinity for boots. Not the annoying kind that hi-jacks your shoes, taking them away to gnaw on them and leaves them absolutely demolished behind the couch for you to find the instant you’re heading to IML, but the loving kind that will slobber on them until they shine like a freshly loved bone. Seth has been an active part of the bootblacking community working in such places as CLAW, ILW and his partner Zak Rittenhouse’s bedroom (or his Daddy bears, he aint picky) and is well loved for his “waddling Corgi cuteness” amongst the puppies of the leather community. As an Agent of ASH! he is a force to be reckoned with and a guy to be reconed with. He is a full member of Titans of the Midwest, and the dean of Kink U Columbus as well as Co-Dean of Kink U Tristate leather weekend. In his local community he can be found working on events for the local PaH group “Ruff pups” as well as being on staff for Iowa Leather Weekend as Head Bootblack/Bootblack coordinator. When not at Leather events he is spending time with his local leather family and Daddy bear Zach Bellman as well as advocating body positivity to the puppy community at large.


Home of Mx. & Mr. Indiana Leather Contest

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