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MIL2019 Judge JamesJames Lee | International Mr. Leather 2018
Mr. Kentucky Leather 2017 | Mr. Crossings Lexington 2017
MIL2019 Judge

James began his Kink exploration in 1999 and his leather journey in Kentucky in 2015. He’s been exploring bars, numerous events, attending leather contests, and kink classes to further his knowledge and experiences. His curiosity and eagerness brought him friends and his chosen family, who have continued to help him grow and learn. Standing 6’5, he’s a gentle giant that is approachable by anyone; and loves him a furry man or baby bear. He has a passion for coaching youth choreography in hip hop, cheerleading, and power tumbling.  

Also known as Shockwave, James is a full Brother of ONYX Great Lakes. His kinks and fetishes include: leather,BDSM, neoprene gear, and recently rubber. His hankies keep adding up so he hasn’t picked his favorite yet…with the exception for hunter green on both sides.  He is honored and privileged to be named International Mr. Leather 2018, Mr. Kentucky Leather 2017, and Mr. Crossings Lexington 2017. He is a member of The Kentucky Leather Brotherhood and a Member of Titans of the Midwest.

In his spare time, you can find him at Crossings Lexington or Pride Bar New Albany, singing karaoke as well as enjoying his Lexington, Louisville, Indiana, and Ohio family.  Playing volleyball, dancing, traveling, or skydiving are his frequent hobbies. He loves action movies and pretty much all dancing movies. Will Smith and Anthony Hopkins are two of his favorite actors.  James seeks to create an experience in the community that doesn’t exclude but includes everyone that has a passion for the community and lessons to learn.  Creating journeys that will grow the leather community as a whole are important to James. “Show the world your moves; who knows you just might move the world.”

MIL2019 Judge slave Adeena

slave Adeena | International Person of Leather
2015-2016 Heartland Person of Leather
MIL2019 Judge

slave adeena started her journey over… now a lady never tells her age!  The calling through the slave path grew her passion for protocol, rituals and the building of authority exchange relationships.  Her path lead her to grow in leather and build her service to the community. slave adeena learned the value of a good listening ear, warm smile and hug.

slave adeena has served as the 2017 International Person of Leather and the 2015 – 2016 Heartland Person of Leather.   She is a full member of Indiana Leather Club, associate member of Titans of the Midwest and supporting member of Blue Max CC St. Louis. She has presented at various BDSM clubs and conventions throughout the United States.  slave adeena continues to grow with each encounter and is always looking for ways to cross lines- and build communities.

MIL2019 Judge slave Lyonslave Lyon, Great Lakes slave 2017
Indiana Leather Pride slave 2017
MIL2019 Judge

slave lyon is owned by her Master, Scott, and lives in Indianapolis, Indiana. She is grateful to have been the slave half of the Great Lakes Master/slave couple and Indiana Leather Pride Master/slave for 2017. She is active in her local community as a member of MAsT: Indianapolis, IMAS, and is also a Hard Pink Sister. slave lyon believes in the magic of groups of like-minded people coming together to share with one another, and finding both inspiration and themselves in that crucible; which is why education and groups like MAsT mean so much to her. She identifies primarily as slave, but also as a bootblack and sadomasochist.  slave lyon has been blessed to travel all over the Midwest and beyond with her Master sharing their experiences and learning, speaking on a variety of topics pertaining to M/s and S&M practices.  Her Master and herself believe that power exchange becomes so much harder to do in a vacuum and seek to facilitate connections everywhere they go. She also believes that life is too short to be taken too terribly seriously, and seeks to find the joy and lighthearted in any situation she finds herself in. If what you’re doing doesn’t come from a place of joy, it’s not worth doing…
…at least not for long!


MIL2019 Judge WaltWalt Gingerbear
MIL2019 Judge

Walt is a queer, poly Leatherman hailing from Indianapolis. A skilled top, sadist, energy player and whip aficionado, Walt presents on his main passions: Rough Body Play, Whips and Toy Construction and has presented for CLAW, Bluegrass Leather Pride, NLA-Indianapolis IKS and Kink-U’s all over the Midwest. A lifelong craftsman, he also builds custom hand-turned implements that are as mean as they are beautiful. Walter has served his community working on various contests and events. In addition, he is a past board member of Indianapolis Kink Society as well as a full member of GDI Outlaws and Titans of The Midwest.  Walter is no stranger to Leather contests, competing at two in his tenure and taking home the title for one. He has a soft spot for; service girls, boys, and bois, as well as talented bootblacks, dedicated ashtrays, and pain sluts. He has no love for racists, homophobes, transphobes misogynists or pedal bars. He loves his Babygirl Friday and hurting his boy ken. He is tolerant of his spouse Marta.


MIL2019 Judge TracyTracy Fullenkamp
MIL2019 Judge

Tracy is a queer, polyam leatherwoman from Indiana. Her home community is Indianapolis and she has close ties across the Great Lakes Region and Midwest. She has been active in the Leather, BDSM and Kink worlds for the better part of 15 years. Tracy has served on the board of TriState Leather for four years. She is a Titan of the Midwest, and a member of Indy Pups and Handlers. She is proud and loves to serve the community as Hospitality Coordinator for TriState Leather each fall. Tracy served on the board of KISS out of Indianapolis in the mid 2000’s and has been a judge and tally master for a number of contests in her region. She the 2016 recipient of the Slaven-Barnes Community Service Award for her work in the TriState and Great Lakes area. Tracy was nominated in 2018 for a Pantheon of Leather award. Affectionately known throughout her community as Momma Tracy, she is Momma to Pups Titan, Flair and Alice. Tracy is called Nutmeg by her Daddy Lady, Ms Tammy. She has two bio hedgehogs she adores. Tracy treasures her community and has a beautifully diverse leather family that she works tirelessly to support, uplift and encourage.

MIL2019 Judge StitchStitch Leatherdandy | Mr. Chicago Leather 2018
MIL2019 Judge

Stitch is a switch, and has been a player in the kink world since he was 19. While in the Marines he found the sexual draw of Leather and uniforms, and thus began his journey. Since then he had added to his wheelhouse of kinky skills and continues to explore and grow. He was a founder of CAGE, and continues to work with Chicago Puppy Patrol, Chicago Rubbermen, and the Windy City Boys Troop. He advocates for body positivity for all shapes, sizes, and types. He diligently works toward a more inclusive community through social activities and personal. As one of Chicago’s Leather Dandies, he is dedicated to bringing class and a lot of sleaze to his community and happily shares his wisdom when it comes to dapper fashions!


MIL2019 Judge IndybabygirlIndybabygirl | Indiana Ms. Leather Pride 2018
North American pony Trainer 2016
MIL2019 Judge

Indybabygirl is a pansexual leather girl.  She is a member of The Edgewalkers and a supporting member of The Edgeriders MC Evergreen Chapter.  She enjoys a diverse range of leather/kink/bdsm activities ranging from pony play to extreme edge play and being the filthy pig many of you have come to know and love.  If you want to get down and dirty, she is the pig to see! She enjoys pushing the envelope, all the way to the edge.  She holds the title of North American pony Trainer 2016 and is honored to be serving the Indiana leather community as Indiana Ms. Leather Pride 2018.

MIL2019 Judges CoordinatorKen Hauan | Mr. 501 Eagle 2000
MIL2019 Judges’ Coordinator 

Ken Hauan is proud to have represented Indiana as Mr. 501 Eagle 2000.  His life in leather has had two chapters. Before 2000, he participated in many local events and IML 2000 which was a thrill.  After about 12 years or so of hibernation, Hauan has re-emerged to embrace his leather/kink (if it really is kink) side and completely own it. Favorite activities include rope play, flogging, nipple play and well, several other things.

Hauan has recently retired from over 35 years of teaching choral music in the public schools and as a church organist, both is Minnesota and Indiana. Hauan holds degrees from Bemidji State University (Minnesota) and The Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University.  He is the former Artistic Director of the Indianapolis Men’s Chorus. He now keeps busy as an art model, with amateur massage, substitute teaching, and many trips back and forth to Milwaukee where his boyfriend lives.  He currently is part of the Leather Archives & Museum staff in Chicago, IL.

MIL2019 boy Steve Tally Masterboy Steve | GLAA Leatherboy 2018
MIL2019 Tally Master

boy Steve is the 2018 Great Lakes Leather Alliance Leatherboy and has a penchant for rope, watersports, and CBT. Hailing from Louisville, KY boy Steve dove head first into the leather and kink community and has been learning and growing ever since. He began his journey by joining Team Friendly Louisville and supporting that organization at local contests and bar nights. boy Steve is also a founder and current Board President for the Louisville Gay Men’s Chorus, Co-Producer of Louisville Kink/Fetish Night (a monthly Kink/Fetish educational an social night), and serves as Volunteer Coordinator for TriState Leather Weekend. boy Steve continues to work to support his local and regional community in whatever ways he can and welcome newcomers into a community in which he has found his home.

MIL2019 Tally Master Michael MacTep

Michael Mactep
MIL2019 Tally Master

A creative deviant, sadist, teacher and Leatherman living in West Lafayette, IN; Mactep, has been in the lifestyle for the last twenty years and has a passion for teaching others. His favored implements are floggers, canes, and perverting the unusual items for dungeon use. He is active in the Great Lakes Region of the country, where he was proud to serve as Mr. Great Lakes Olympus Leather 2015/2016, a previous executive board member with the former National Leather Association Indianapolis chapter, and previous board member with Lafayette Alternative Lifestyles in Lafayette, Indiana. He is also the current director/founding member of MAsT: Tippecanoe, President of Crossroads Leather Club, and head of House Grumblebear. He is also typically found helping with contests he is not running in, teaching at local and regional events, and spearheading the Indiana Contest Preparation class. He can also be found around bourbon and cigars. Of all the titles and accomplishments on his resume; he is proudest of being Master to a certain pain in the ass who is known as Rhee.

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