2020 Judges|Tally Masters


Ken Hauan | Mr. 501 Eagle 2000

MIL2020 Judges’ Coordinator

Ken Hauan is proud to have represented Indiana as Mr. 501 Eagle 2000. His life in leather has had two chapters. Before 2000, he participated in many local events and IML 2000 which was a thrill. After about 12 years or so of hibernation, Hauan has re-emerged to embrace his leather/kink (if it really is kink) side and completely own it. Favorite activities there are rope play, flogging, nipple play and well, several other things.

Hauan has recently retired from over 35 years of teaching choral music in the public schools and as a church organist, both is Minnesota and Indiana. Hauan holds degrees from Bemidji State University (Minnesota) and The Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University. He is the former Artistic Director of the Indianapolis Men’s Chorus. He now keeps busy as an art model, with amateur massage, substitute teaching, and enjoying the great city of Chicago!


Kylon (Daddy Cakes)

ILW 2020 Judge

Kylon solidified his passion for Leather and kink, when his first leather harness was purchased for him, by his first Daddy, at the age of 18. Since that time, he’s been a youth activist and advocate, fiercely advocating for LGBTQ+ youth and youth experiencing homelessness, DaddyCakes takes great pride in working toward a more sex, body, and kink-positive community. He believes in the full integration of healthy living and is transparent about his kink life, to all who ask.

Kylon is one of the founding fathers of LORE (Leatherfolk Of REcovery), the Midwest’s kinky club for Leatherfolk involved in 12-step recovery. As a Dom, he mentors up and coming Leatherfolk on their journey of leather, recovery, or both. Daddy to many, Sir to a few, and boy–on rare occasion, he believes in doing leather ‘his’ way and looks forward to serving on the esteemed judges panel.


Khalid|Leatherman of Color(LoC) 2016.

ILW 2020 Judge

Khalid El Bey (aka SelfLaw ONYX) is your Leatherman of Color(LoC) 2016. He is a proud full brother of ONYX MidAtlantic and has been actively involved in the Leather community by volunteering his time from the start of his journey as well as serving in various positions within ONYX MidAtlantic and other local and regional organizations including DC Leather Pride and Brother Help Thyself.

Khalid is a disabled veteran of the United States Navy and identifies as a sadomasochistic Bear and WolfPup with an abundance of kinks and fetishes. He has both presented and/or been a panelist for a number of leather/kink/bdsm/sex positive events in the MidAtlantic region and beyond. During his title year, Khalid made history not only as the 8th man to carry the title of Leatherman of Color but by also being the first LoC to make an international appearance. Khalid also took a leading role in the production of the Leatherman of Color Contest Weekends (2017 & 2018), and had that pleasure of emceeing both Leatherman/Leatherwoman of Color Contests 2019 during the inaugural Mufasa’s Pride Fellowship Weekend.

He recently relocated to Columbia, South Carolina where he lives in a Leather household.

Some of Khalid’s favorite hash tags are #BearsDontSlayTheyMaul and #LoveTheSkinYoureIn. He can be found on Instagram or Twitter at @SelfLawONYX and by emailing him at: khalidloc2016@gmail.com


Perrin Shore | International Mx. Olympus 2017

ILW 2020 Judge

Perrin (they/them) is a queer, polyamorous, loudmouthed advocate, educator and historian. They enjoy being a service boy, a pup handler and an emotional masochist. Perrin travels often, teaching, judging and playing their way through homes and hearts.

A self identified messy Femme, Perrin’s favorite kinks are vulnerability and leaning into discomfort. Often that means biting, rough body play and genitorture. Other ways to manifest those kinks include long intimate conversations, shared meals, quiet cuddles and snuggly naps.

Perrin prides themselves in breaking the beautiful into the most exquisite messes and then walking beside that mess as they rebuild themselves into something uniquely whole. They are the proud protector of a delightfully derpy service pup, and the proud partner to their boyfriend as well as their fiancé.


Sage Summers | Miss Gay Indiana 2017

ILW 2020 Judge

Sage is a 21 year Veteran in the entertainment industry from Las Vegas Nevada. She is a former Lady of Legend from the legendary Talbott Street Nightclub, Miss Gay Las Vegas, Miss Gay Indiana, Miss Renaissance Plus and has been a top 12 finalist in the Miss Continental Plus and Continental Elite pageant.

Sage believes the only way for the LGBTQIA community to succeed as a whole is to embrace and celebrate our diversity. It’s our individual differences that make us stronger as a community.

Sage would like to wish each contestant the best of luck and thank the producers of Indiana Leather Weekend for the opportunity to serve as a judge this weekend.


Ammar | Mr Chicago Leather 2009

ILW 2020 Judge

Coming from a conservative country in the Middle East, where being gay gets a prison sentence, I fought my way to come out and become the person I am today. The leather community in Chicago embraced me and took me in open arms and gave me the courage and the support to  be able to help others who were facing the same circumstances I had.

Becoming Mr. Chicago Leather 2009 was an honor I will keep for the rest of my life and was a life changing event with the responsibility that I promise to keep.


Jeremy Munice | Mr Indiana Leather 2018

ILW 2020 Judge

Jeremy Muncie, Mr. Indiana Leather 2018. During his title year he spoke of the importance of body positivity. He often says, “you don’t have to be perfect to be liked, loved, or desired!”

For many years Jeremy felt out of place with the community, but the moment he felt leather on his skin he knew he was home. To him leather is a spiritual connection. “Its about heart and soul.”

Since his title year, he has judged and worked as a Tally Master. “My work is far from over. This is just the beginning. My passion for life and leather makes me work harder.”

Aside from leather, he is a nudist. Both he and his partner belong to Bare Indy Boys, a nudist group that is over 25 years old. Camping is also a big part of who he is. He also held the title of Mr. Buckwood 2017.

As far as kinks Jeremy loves a nice spanking. He also love to watch anyone that wants to put on a show. “Sexuality is natural and normal, so embrace your inner naughty.

He looks forward to judging in the Mx. & Mr. Indiana Leather 2020 competition.


SIR Jay | International Leather Sir 2018

ILW 2020 Judge

SIR Jay was International Leather Sir 2018. He is a former Great Lakes Leather SIR and Michigan Leather SIR. SIR Jay discovered his love for leather and kinky sex 14 years ago at the young age of 19 and never looked back. Since then he has earned the nickname little daddy from his community and is a proud P.O.C. Sir and poly kinkster. SIR Jay is a passionate advocate for fetish education, R.A.C.K., creating safe spaces for fellow P.OC.s and other marginalized folxs. You can generally find him playing punch the puppy or introducing newbies to rough body and impact play. He also has a not so secret love/weakness for boys and puppies. Sir Jay is married to his husdog hank as well as having 3 other pups collared to him. He is a proud member of the Michigan Band of Brothers, a board member for the great lakes kennel club, an educator and puppy wrangler (did he mention he loves puppies). SIR Jay has been a judge, den daddy and tally master. He looks forward to the opportunity to judge and help choose our future community leaders.



Michael Mactep | Mr. Great Lakes Olympus 2015/2016

ILW 2020 Tally Master

A creative deviant, sadist, teacher and Leatherman living in West Lafayette, IN; Mactep, has been in the lifestyle for the last twenty years and has a passion for teaching others. His favored implements are floggers, canes, and perverting the unusual items for dungeon use. He is active in the Great Lakes Region of the country, where he was proud to serve as Mr. Great Lakes Olympus Leather 2015/2016, a previous executive board member with the former National Leather Association Indianapolis chapter, and previous board member with Lafayette Alternative Lifestyles in Lafayette, Indiana. He is also the current director/founding member of MAsT:Tippecanoe, and a member of Titans of the Midwest. He is also typically found helping with contests he is not running in, teaching at local and regional events, and helping others prepare for contests when asked. He can also be found around bourbon and cigars. Of all the titles and accomplishments on his resume; he is proudest of being Master to a certain pain in the ass who is known as Rhee.


Kinsey |Indiana Trainer 2019

Tally Master

Kinsey (she/her) identifies as an asexual trainer and little from Lafayette, Indiana. Active in the kink community for over a decade, Kinsey is a member of Indy Pets and Handlers and MAsT: Tippecanoe. When not lifting up a room with her enthusiasm and joy, she is likely cuddling her human pup Echo and her bio dog Dexter.

In her vanilla life Kinsey is a dog groomer and that shows in her life as a trainer. Kinsey enjoys giving hot wax massages, grooming Echo, and is absolutely not a sadist, she promises… look it was just that one time. Okay, maybe twice, but she only punched that puppy a little.

As Indiana Trainer 2019 Kinsey’s mission is to share her passion for education, service and training, all while raising asexual awareness within her community.

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