About Indiana Leather

Indiana Leather is dedicated to the advancement, advocacy and support of the leather/kink community in the state of Indiana.  Based out of Indianapolis, IN we strive to help bring education and awareness of all things leather/kink that are happening in and around the state of Indiana.  We promote mutual respect amongst all people, and believe that being united together is imperative for our culture today.  We aim to hold up our traditions yet encourage an attitude that fosters new traditions and expressions to evolve into the current and past generations.

Indiana Leather Weekend is the home of the Mx. Indiana Leather & Mr. Indiana Leather contest, and is a great location to become aware of other leather/kink organizations or events that are taking place throughout and around the state of Indiana.  If you are holding an event, whether that be a social event, munch, puppy mosh, contest or a dungeon party, we encourage you to reach out to us so that we can help promote your event!

Feel free to email us at Producers@IndianaLeather.com

Home of Mx. & Mr. Indiana Leather Contest

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