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Sir Jim Ellison has been a judge, producer,transportation manager, tallymaster, performer, mentor, host and friend to the Indy leather community for over 30 years. His titles include Mr. Indiana Leather 1996 and Mr. Indiana Drummer 1998. Jim is a full-associate brother of Onyx, an USAF veteran,an Indiana University graduate and even an Up With People alumni. Please come and introduce yourself.



Ms Kendra hails from Indianapolis, Indiana. Ms Kendra has spent her entire adult life in the leather community. She is the co-founder and Executive Director of the Great Lakes Leather Alliance, which is an annual event held in Indianapolis, which just celebrated its 15th anniversary. Ms Kendra owns slave garrett.  Ms Kendra has traveled to all seven continents in the world. She has traveled to over 90 foreign countries and continues to add to that list every year.  Traveling is a way to expand our comfort zone and enjoy people of other cultures. Ms Kendra believes that traveling is one of the world’s most pleasurable experiences.  To make friends with those of other cultures expands our knowledge of acceptance of those different from us.  Ms Kendra is honored to serve on the Butchmann’s Board of Directors.



Meghan is proud to represent her community as International Ms. Bootblack 2016. She has also been honored to serve as Great Lakes Bootblack 2015 and Bluegrass Leather Pride Bootblack 2015. Since 2012 she’s been active in her local Kink and Leather communities, blacking regularly at The Barracks, ReMix and fundraisers throughout her region. At home, Meghan runs a Boot Lab for new and existing bootblacks in the area. She also serves on the Board of Directors as Treasurer for Mr. Friendly: Team Louisville, and is a full member of Titans of the Midwest. Recently, she has been brought onto the Great Lakes Board of Directors as co-coordinator of the Bootblack contest. Meghan seeks to create an experience in her chair that not only honors and worships your Leather, but also your journey. Bootblacking gives her the space to define her ideas of sexual expression and spirituality in ways that resonate deeply.


Freddie is from Detroit, MI. His first leather bar was the Detroit Eagle in 1993. In 2005, he won the title of International Mr. Olympus and became a Member of Mamas Family (Mamas Egyptian Lover) and an associate member of NLA (Philadelphia chapter). In 2008, Freddie won the title Mr. Chicago Leather. In 2013, Freddie joined the MI Band of Brothers and became first secretary for the club. Freddie has been active in the leather community for about 15 years now. Volunteering for the past 12 years at IML from Security, to stage crew, and the last 5 years have been as Contestant Handler. He loves his community and his leather brothers and sisters.


Since entering the Indianapolis community in 2007, finding leather in 2011, and beginning bootblacking in 2012, Marta has worked to build relationships nationwide!  She has traveled as Indiana Bootblack 2014, Great Lakes Bootblack 2014, and First Runner-Up International Ms. Bootblack 2015.  Some of her most fulfilling experiences include co-founding Indianapolis Bootblacks’ Laboratory skill share, joining the IML contestant shine team, judging and story telling at Smut Slam Indianapolis, receiving 2016’s Pantheon of Leather Great Lakes Regional award, and bootblacking for Indianapolis Kink Society, CLAW, Indianapolis’ High Shine IMsBB documentary fundraiser, and the 30th anniversary of her home bar (the 501 Eagle) prior to its closing.  Aptly named “Mama’s Panty Dropper,” Marta is a queer femme, girl, Switch, piglet and relationship anarchist who centers spouse Walter, Daddy Tony, boyfriend/Handler Andi, and siblings Lynn and Tracy within her ply constellation.


Russ was Mr. Minneapolis Eagle 2016, he is originally from Eugene, OR, but didn’t find his kinkiness until he moved to Minnesota 6 years ago. Russ found his way into the Leather world via Bear friends. While attending his first Bear Run 3 years ago he ran for Mr. TBRU (Texas Bear Round-Up), even though he didn’t win that title, Russ won the Title of Brother Bear. Allowing himself to open up and try new things in his life, including buying his first pair of leather pants. Since then, Russ has participate in the Minnesota Leather Pride, Carried the Leather Pride Flag in Twin Cities Pride Parade for 3 years. He has helped fundraise for: Aliveness Project, Trevor Project, Claire House, North Star Gay Rodeo Association rodeo and court, The Imperial Sovereign Court of the Emerald Empire, and Dallas Bears at Texas Bear Round-Up, Ms Leather Pride, Mr Twin Cities Leather, and Women International Leather Legacy (WILL) events. He help the Sash Pack of Minnesota create and collect for Backpack Project for Minnesota Youth Link. He volunteers at North Star Kennel Club Monthly Moshes.


Joey McDonald has been an active member of the BDSM/Leather community for nearly 40 years. In 1977, as a sailor in the US Navy, Joey was introduced to the scene when his ship made a visit to Bremerhaven, Germany. Two years later while visiting family in Chicago, he volunteered at the first International Mr. Leather competition and has been a part of the IML family since. He currently serves as IML’s Executive Director. In addition to his work with IML, Joey enjoys serving on speaker panels among the LGBT, Leather/BDSM, 12-Step Recovery, HIV/AIDS and African-American communities where he shares his knowledge and thoughts on Mentoring, Kink in Recovery, ‘Safer’ Play, Racism & Sexism, and HIV+/- (sero-discordant) Relationships, and he is a founding Board Brother & Elder of the Leathermen of Recovery (LORE). He has also judged contests in and out of leather. In 2009, he was honored with the Pantheon of Leather Lifetime Achievement Award and was also inducted into Chicago’s Gay & Lesbian Hall of Fame. Joey currently works for a non-profit that puts school supplies into the hands of underprivileged youth across Illinois. In his spare time, he indulges his fondness for honey, travel, honey, gingers, honey, pups, honey, electricity and honey…. go ahead and ask!  Joey is honored to be on the judging panel for Mr. Indiana Leather 2017. 


Ty is a native Saint Louisana and has been a part of the LGBTQ community for 10+ years. He has worked with PRIZM, a gay straight alliance,at the University of Missouri, where he received his Bachelors degree in Psychology; the Saint Louis Balloon Brigade, who raise funds for P.A.W.S ( pets are wonderful support) by donning latex balloons and marching in the Saint Louis Pride Parade; and Blue Max Cycle Club, a leather Levi organization who raise money for characters such as Saint Louis Effort for AIDS and Project Ark.
In his free time, he enjoys gardening, cooking, watching cooking shows, and hanging with his leather brothers & sisters.  As a power switch, Ty enjoys such kinks as rope bondage, impact play, electro play, daddy/boy power exchanges, bears, pups and group scenes.



Walter is a queer, poly leather man hailing from Indianapolis. He is a past board member of Indianapolis Kink Society, a member of Mama’s Family (Mama’s Great Lakes Gingerbear) and served his region as Mr. Great Lakes Olympus Leather 2012. A skilled top, sadist, energy player and whip aficionado, Walt presents regionally on his main passions: Rough Body Play, Whips and Toy Construction. A lifelong craftsman, he also builds custom hand-turned implements that are mean as they are beautiful. Walt also serves his community as the contest director of International Olympus Leather. In addition, He has a soft spot for; service girls, boys, bois, bootblacks, ashtrays, pain sluts, his poly family and his favorite pig, Marta.


Ron is currently living in Cleveland with his husband pup Calin and their pup boyfriend Zitto. Having been involved in the leather community for several years, he is most proud to have been your 2012 Mr. 501 Eagle and part of the 2012 IML Class #34. He is currently the Deputy Executive Director for Cleveland Leather Annual Weekend (CLAW).

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