MIL Contestant History

MIL Class of 2018

MIL2018 class photo
Jeremy Muncie, Kurt Allen, John Coberg II & Xavier Cruz competed on January 5-7, 2018 to grab the title of Mr. Indiana Leather 2018!   Jeremy Muncie secured the title as  Mr. Indiana Leather 2018, and Kurt Allen was the runner-up.

MIL Class of 2017

15966064_1506102289418118_4934566882885521773_nJanuary 6-8, 2017 marked the return of the Mr. Indiana Leather contest.  We honored Sir Jim Ellison as Mr. Indiana Leather 1996, and Eric Masters, Mr. 501 Eagle 2016 as the last Mr. 501 Eagle due to the closing of the 501 Eagle.  Liam Matthews, Kurt Allen, Pockets & Nicholas Leedy competed together as brothers in the MIL Class of 2017.  Liam Matthews secured the title of Mr. Indiana Leather 2017, and Kurt Allen was runner-up.

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