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Luis Masters | Mr. Chicago Leather 2015

Luis first started his leather journey  in 2010 while visiting a friend one evening for a casual conversation and later that evening tried on his first harness, leather jock, chaps and vest.  Luis is Mr. Chicago Leather 2015 and competed at IML37 where he placed in the Top 20. He is a member of The Leather Archives & Museum, Titans of the MidWest and Team Friendly Chicago & Indiana. He was also co-founder of Chicago Leather Community Outreach. He was Vice President of the Chicago Band of Brothers. He is Mama’s Multipass. He has served on the production team for Mr. Chicago Leather and has been a judge, tally master, and helped with several contest throughout the Midwest. He is also co-owner/producer of the Mr. Indiana Leather contest. Luis moved to Indianapolis, IN and is a married to Sir Eric Masters.

Eric Masters | Mr. 501 Eagle 2016

Eric Masters, Mr. 501 Eagle 2016 and co-owner/producer of Mr. Indiana Leather was born and raised in Lafayette, IN and has been a resident of Indianapolis, IN since 2009. He is an active musician & singer that has traveled on both the national and international platforms.  His introduction to the leather community occurred in his early twenties when he ventured into his very first gay bar, the 501 Eagle in Indianapolis.  From that moment forward, Eric has been mesmerized by the leather community. As a Director for Team Friendly Indiana, Eric actively pushes to stamp out the stigma of HIV and is passionate about taking that message with him wherever he goes. He believes in bridging the gap between the various groups within the LGBT community and is a champion for mutual respect amongst one another.  He is deeply in love with his husband, Luis Masters!

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